E-commerce & selling on social media

E-Commerce and social media Social media is an important tool to unlock the ultimate potential of any e-commerce business. Having dismissed the notion of a brick and mortar store many businesses push for web traffic via Google Ads and search engine optimisation. In 2017 Australians spent a total of $1.95 billion per month on online […]

Using ad funnels on social media

AD FUNNELS A funnel is the steps that your customers need to go through in order to purchase a good or service from your business. An advertising funnel is the types of advertising or marketing material touchpoints these customers interact with before converting. A cold audience, one that has no awareness of your brand, will […]

Instagram’s checkout feature

Shop ‘til you drop with Instagram’s checkout feature Whether for you it is a helpful feature, or a hindrance to your bank account, it is now easier than ever to shop your favourite brands on social media. Get ready to shop the ‘gram as Instagram starts to roll out the beta mode of the new […]

Messenger/Chat Bot Creation

2019 is showing us more than ever the overlap between different social media platforms. As applications compete for our attention, they are now regularly using the same technology and features to bring us from one platform to another. For example, as Instagram brought in their Stories feature, severely impacting on Snapchat’s market share, users moved […]