26 Mar 2019

Using ad funnels on social media


A funnel is the steps that your customers need to go through in order to purchase a good or service from your business. An advertising funnel is the types of advertising or marketing material touchpoints these customers interact with before converting. A cold audience, one that has no awareness of your brand, will most likely need more touchpoints and a larger funnel to be converted to purchase, whereas a warm or hot lead may need less. 

The first phases of an ad funnel will draw your target market in via engaging photo and video content, creating brand awareness. These introductory ads may converse with your customer casually, outlining the benefits of your product or business.

From there, those users who engaged with the first phase of the funnel and have an awareness of the brand, would be served clickable ads through to your website. Directing traffic through the Facebook Pixel creates audiences you know are warm and are able to re-target to.

Re-targeting to these and all website visitors is one of the final steps of the funnel. As these users are the most connected to and aware of your brand. At this stage a discount or promotional offer may be used to entice users to converting into a sale or purchase. 

It is important that ad funnels are deliberate in their creative, copy, placement and budget. Through strategic, tested and highly executed our ad funnels will serve your brand awareness, traffic and conversions that you desire.


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