26 Jan 2019
Instagram checkout

Instagram’s checkout feature

Shop ‘til you drop with Instagram’s checkout feature

Whether for you it is a helpful feature, or a hindrance to your bank account, it is now easier than ever to shop your favourite brands on social media. Get ready to shop the ‘gram as Instagram starts to roll out the beta mode of the new feature: ‘Checkout’. ‘Checkout’ will allow their platform users to find tagged product on the app and stay within the platform to shop. This is an upgrade from the ‘Shopping’ features launched via Facebook, whereby products are linked to external web pages.

As the collaborative nature between social media and eCommerce grows, business owners understand the need to make purchasing online as easy as possible for their customers. Less clicks, less hassle and less changing of platforms. This means  a higher rate of purchase for most. This new feature will allow users the easy process of ‘in-app’ checkout. Instagram explains: “when you tap to view a product from a brand’s shopping post, you’ll see a ’Checkout on Instagram’ button on the product page. You can then tap [the button] to select from various options such as size or colour, then you’ll proceed to payment without leaving Instagram.” A major part of the new feature is saving payment details within the platform. “The set up now lets you register a debit or credit card as part of a profile, set up a security pin, then start buying things without ever leaving Instagram.” Instagram also says that checkout information with be ‘securely saved’ for future orders, streamlining the purchase process for users, even from different retailers.

One notable difference from the existing ‘Shopping’ feature, available via Facebook and Instagram, is that purchases made via ‘Checkout’ are protected by Instagram’s Purchase Protection Policies. These policies are in place to protect both users and brands from items/monies not received, damaged goods, following through with refunds and unauthorised purchases. A much-needed security when introducing the transfer of money.


To remain as easy as possible for brand and business owners, Instagram Checkout works with existing shopping tools such as tags and stickers. These are available via both feed posts and Stories.  

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