26 Feb 2018
Chatbot messenger

Messenger/Chat Bot Creation

2019 is showing us more than ever the overlap between different social media platforms. As applications compete for our attention, they are now regularly using the same technology and features to bring us from one platform to another. For example, as Instagram brought in their Stories feature, severely impacting on Snapchat’s market share, users moved from Snapchat over to Instagram to use not only a ‘feed’ like sharing platform, but also the use of Stories in the one place. A feature that is growing exponentially on multiple social media platforms is that of the chat function. Across Snapchat, Instagram, and many other platforms the ease of using the platform as a messenger is becoming more and more prevalent.

In the past twelve months the most downloaded application was Facebook Messenger, a messaging app that Facebook has developed as its own separate platform. It was originally created as a part of the main Facebook application as Facebook Chat. Separating this feature from its original platform has ranked it much higher in the messaging competition, with Whatsapp hitting the one billion users mark early in 2019, and Facebook Messenger close behind at nine hundred million active monthly users. It has also developed a new place for businesses to advertise.

It is time to take advantage of the millions of Messenger users and advertise directly where they spend their time communicating. This placement is a great way to increase brand awareness, promote events and even sell product. See below our favourite ways to utilise this growing space on Facebook.


Click to messenger ads

Click to messenger ads are a format that take the user directly to an open Messenger conversation with your brand. These are mainly used when prompting your audience to ask a question, ie: for more information about a service, a code to receive a special offer, or to book an appointment. Within Ads manager you can tailor the interaction to meet your specific business needs, be it through generic responses, or links to external web pages or documents.


Inbox ads are formatted to appear in the home page of the Messenger platform. Just like other ads they can be tailored and targeted specific to your wanted audience. Users will be able to tap on an ad and arrive at a destination of your choosing, whether this is the business website, application, or a conversation with your business on Messenger.

Sponsored Messages

Sponsored messages allow you to send highly targeted promotions directly to the users who have already spoken to your business in Messenger. This means re-starting conversations with users who you know were at some point interested in your brand or product. Ads appear as messages that are delivered directly to a person in the existing chat.


A chatbot is a program – infused within your businesses ad/Facebook page – that simulates human conversation through text chats. This artificial intelligence can be embedded and used through any major messaging applications. Infusing ad campaigns with a messenger bot conversation can create engagement with your brand at any time of the day or night. 


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