Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation

Every business in the current online marketplace needs a website to exist competitively. We can design a fantastic website for you and manage the entire end-to-end process. Give us a call and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll be happy to help out.

Alot of digital marketing agencies will say they specialise in a whole range of activities, from SEO & Google Adwords through to Social Media. One thing we have learnt over time, is to specialise in one core area and focus on being the best at this! At Media Street Marketing, we are proud to say that we are Melbourne’s social media specialists for business. We can help organise a range of services, including SEO but we prefer to allow our partner agencies to focus on this for you. This allows us to focus on all your social media activities and generating leads and web traffic from this marketing stream.

We can ensure that your Social Media program aids your SEO

A great website is a must for any business, however, these are often static, so it’s important to have regular, updated BLOGS & content.

You can then use the various social media channels to then share these blogs or articles or even podcasts to help reach a much larger audience. Especially when we look at the huge numbers using Facebook and Youtube.

We can also use a range of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & even Instagram to help gain extra traffic to your website.

Google does recognise how active you are on social media, so it’s important to maintain a regular flow of engaging content across all platforms.

Ask us today how we can help do this for you.

We work with a huge range of varying brands from different industries.

Ask us how we can effectively use social media to boost your business.