Shooting video for your business on your mobile phone

Shooting video for your business on your mobile phone

Were you aware that you may have the capability of shooting a business promotional video in your pocket right now? Sure, it may not be state-of-the-art or high enough quality for the home page of your website but it may help you in the short term, if you’re needing something quite urgently to at least go up on Facebook or another social media platform.

It’s time to take out your technological swiss army knife for something other than checking your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Today, we are going to discover how you can utilise a simple feature on your phone to add value to your business.

Video is becoming a crucial part of any business’s daily marketing communications. It may be used for; training, product promotion, how-to/instructional purposes for clients or to simply show off some personality of the business. So, how can you use your smartphone to create a quick, small video to add value to your business?


Start by jotting down some idea on paper. Write a script, draw up a few pictures and create a plan of what you want to shoot.


The next thing to think about is the video shoot space/area. You want to find an area that is quiet and has some decent natural lighting. If you’re shooting in the office, be sure to let your co-workers know, so they’re not walking through the middle of your video shoot. If you’re based in Melbourne or somewhere around Victoria, plan around our inclement weather conditions if you are planning to shoot outside


Apart from your smartphone, we suggest buying a small tripod with a phone mount. These could range anywhere from $5 to $35, depending on how sturdy you need this to be. This will be helpful in keeping the phone/camera steady and to line up the shot and have your hands free. Don’t worry, you can still film a selfie-like video, if that’s your aim!


FILM LANDSCAPE. Horizontally. Longways. Unless you are filming for Snapchat or Instagram stories specifically, then filming landscape will generally work best. Don’t let this put you off though! Go out, be creative and research what others have created in your industry.

Using a smartphone yourself will never compare to hiring a quality video production team. However, with ever-improving technology, it will at least allow you to create something quickly or at least capture an idea that you can show to a professional Video Production company to then expand on.

Our services cover your content creation, videography, photography and social media needs. So feel free to ask us any questions or get a quote on any video ideas for your business.