LinkedIn launches carousel ads for Sponsored Content

LinkedIn launches carousel ads for Sponsored Content

Earlier this week, LinkedIn announced something big! Marketers can now use Carousels in Sponsored Content, offering a new and creative way to tell your brand’s story.

Carousels have rolled out for Sponsored Content, allowing brands to share up to 10 images that their audiences can swipe through in the location most viewed by LinkedIn visitors – the LinkedIn Feed.

In B2B marketing, we sometimes forget the importance of storytelling to raise awareness, drive quality leads, and build customer relationships. The introduction of Carousel ads gives marketers a new, creative and engaging way to create memorable content to keep your brand top of mind.

“Because carousel ads are interactive and have eye-catching visuals, they stand out in the newsfeed,” says LinkedIn “Your stories become tangible and encourage your audience to engage with your brand on both desktop and mobile.”

LinkedIn has said that in addition to standard metrics such as click-through rates and the number of leads generated, brands can also measure clicks and impressions by individual cards in Carousel ads. These deeper metrics gives marketers the ability to prove ROI, which we all know is what drives success!


Unfortunately, video content is not yet included in LinkedIn’s Carousel ads, however, we are sure it’s not too far off!