With 80% of Instagram users following a business account & a global community of over 600M, Instagrammers in 2018 are looking to social media to perceive a brand’s products and values. Looking to explore and find new things from brands they love, Instagram has released a new update making it easier to connect with these valued customers.

Recently, Instagram announced that ‘Products’ would now be taggable in images, adding shoppable links to business Instagram photos. This is very exciting news for businesses who work from an eCommerce platform, selling their product and utilising social media to bring in traffic. Gone are the days of prompting people to click links in bios!

Instagram is a brilliant place to drive e-Commerce sales, but we weren’t able to fully complete the path to purchase easily for our customers. Sharing products with high-quality & engaging visual images and videos are crucial to influencing purchasing decisions. Also, a whopping 78% of consumers today make these decisions based on a brand’s social media.

Now, you can connect your consumer from a social media post on Facebook or Instagram, directly through to checkout in a few simple taps. See below our step-by-step guide below on setting up a shoppable Facebook and Instagram profile for your business and the benefits of doing so.

What you will need:

  1.      A Business Facebook page
  2.      A Business Instagram page connected to your Facebook page
  3.      A web e-commerce store set up via your business website
  4.      Well lit, clear photos of your products
  5.      Descriptive copy to accompany your products



  1.      Setting up a product catalogue on your Business Facebook profile allows for the ‘Shop’ tab to be seen on your profile. Including a clear high-quality photo, simple description, price and checkout URL will give your products the best head-start at selling themselves.
  2.      In your Instagram profile, select an image, tap Edit and then select ‘Tag Product’. Instagram will prompt you to select the product catalogue relevant to this account, which should be the one you have just set up. Now it’s time to get tagging!


Connecting a simpler path to purchase for your customer crucial – creating real value from your social media input.