facebook algorithm change 2018


On February 11, Facebook announced quite drastic changes to their algorithms. Again, the big question on every businesses’ lips; “How will this impact us?”

Firstly, let’s talk about what has changed.

The new algorithm will now prioritize content from your friends, family and groups, meaning you will now see less public content from businesses, brands, and media. But that’s us!? Won’t that mean nobody will see our posts?!

This new change means businesses will need to be more creative & work harder on content creation to gain their fans’ attention & keep that ‘Reach’ increasing. Here are some tips on how to work with this new algorithm change to keep your business marketing efforts strong.

Create great content to start conversations

Create good quality content (images, video, copy) that sparks conversations between fans & their friends. Content that is visually pleasing tends to encourage reactions & sharing between friends. Content that is topical prompts conversations, as people share their opinions via their favourite Social Media platform. You could also include questions that prompt multiple responses. For example, you could ask your fans what they would like to learn about your products or services? Or what type of ‘how-to’ video they’d like to watch?

However, don’t fall into the trap of “engagement-bait”. Facebook are really knuckling down on posts that use the words “comment”, “share”, “like”, “tag” etc. to encourage people to engage in content. By using these terms, your content will be seen less & less.

Remind your loyal fans about the “see first” option.

This preference allows fans to always see posts from their favourite pages.  Not many people know about this option on Facebook, so don’t be shy or embarrassed to ask! The worst that can happen is they decide not to.


Put some spend behind your content.

Organic reach has been on the decline for many years now and this new algorithm change will push it even further down. This means that you will need to start thinking about putting some money behind boosting your content. Even if it’s only aimed at your current fans! Using Facebook Ads Manager is a little more advanced but will allow you to target your audiences based on age, gender, location, interests, behaviours & more.  Be very specific with your audiences for greater ROI (return on investment) and  to make sure your dollar is being stretched as far as it can!

Make more Facebook Live videos

The new algorithm change will greatly affect static images, however, videos will still be favoured in Facebook’s eyes! Take your videos further with Facebook Live videos. What are they, you may ask? Exactly what they sound like. Live is a feature on Facebook that allows you to broadcast videos Live. Now, why should you use Live? It lets you connect with your audiences in real time, allowing them to express their thoughts as you are filming. What a great way to encourage engagement with your fans! It also makes your brand more relatable. They are interacting with real people, not just a brand.

Spend more times in Groups

Facebook groups can be found, based on specific interests, geographic location or simply serve as  a private place, where followers of a brand can have ‘semi private’ discussions. As the new algorithm prioritises content aimed at  family, friends & groups, interacting in this space makes sense as a great way to monitor and participate in more in-depth conversations. Be aware of how you act within groups though. Some groups have specific rules regarding advertising. Treat these groups as conversational, rather than a selling platform.

Although this new algorithm change sounds scary for small businesses on Social Media, the right marketing strategy can still take your brand along way! If you would like to learn more about these changes & how Media Street Marketing can assist you in forming a successful social media strategy, reach out today!