6 Top Social Media Trends in 2018

Social Media trends 2018

6 Top Social Media Trends in 2018

Social media platforms seem to chop and change constantly. Business owners can often be left wondering how they are meant to use them properly for best results. Not to worry, as updates come and go, we have put together a list of the top 6 social media trends to look out for in 2018. No more following the pack, be a thought leader with your business on social media by using the following top techniques.

1. Micro influencers

You’ve most probably heard of ‘Social Media Influencers’.  You might, therefore, assume ‘Micro influencers’ refer to “mini-me” influencers or those short in stature? Not exactly.  Micro-influencers is the term given to everyday social media users who have built a trusting following on social media. They are not your traditional celebrities, experts, or public figures, who are truly knowledgeable & passionate about products & services they actually use. Micro-Influencers establish deep connections with their fans through positive, relatable & trustworthy conversations. By partnering with a Micro-Influencer, your brand can leverage off their trusting relationship with their followers, rather than ‘one-way’, cold, branded posts. Not only are Micro-Influencers more affordable than a Kardashian but they are more likely to spark awareness & engagement for your brand.

2. Platform feature overlap

As the top-tier social media platforms race for usership, we are now seeing a lot more overlap in the features that these apps provide. Gone are the days of switching between accounts to complete various tasks. Direct-messaging, photo and video sharing, story features and branded content can be found across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. These inclusions will cause brands to be more selective in the social media real-estate they pursue and what they decide is best suited to their brand, audience, tone of voice and provide the best analytical reporting.

3. Chatbots

As customers become more technologically savvy, their need for immediate interaction and conversation grows. Gone are the days of waiting on hold; welcome the era of immediate responses from the brand itself. The Facebook update allows instant message replies to be sent to customers who’ve contacted your business page. These are already being used by brands to let users know of business hours, or that their message will be responded to by someone as soon as possible. The installation of chatbots into messaging apps, like Chatfuel allow for a conversation to be directed purely by a user answering the bots questions, regarding their enquiry, by selecting from a range of response options. From complaints to queries, all messaging conversations will soon take place via bot technology.

4. Live-streaming expansion

Live streaming features aren’t particularly new to our devices, however, we are still yet to see the wide-range of content that could be produced with this feature. Although larger brands have used live streaming to share webinars, Q&A’s, and other forms of compelling content, 2018 will be the year that smaller to medium sized brands see its potential for fast, high organic reach with great engagement.

5. Shoppable media

It is common nowadays not only to see paid-for content throughout news feeds but also to see blatant sharing of particular products and catalogues by brands, sharing exactly what you are searching for in their product range, as seen through organic content. In 2018, we will see shoppable media rise in a richer content form, from AI to video, creating shoppable experiences wherever we go online.

6. Video

We know it’s not the newest of trends but it’s still recognised as one of the most important! Users love video content and so do the social media platforms they are uploaded onto. Video allows brand messages to be delivered quickly, with character and with flair. Expect to see shorter, more concise and a higher standard of video content in our news feeds throughout 2018.